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Who Benefits

When you play, you support ABCs and PHDs

Success starts early. Really early.
That’s why Washington’s Lottery is a proud contributor to early childhood education.

Your play hard at work

Thanks to our players and retailer partners, last year alone Washington’s Lottery was able to generate more than $217 million for programs that benefit communities throughout the state. With those funds the Lottery was able to pay college tuition for more than 29,572 Washington residents, provide $40 million to the state's Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, contribute to Washington’s Economic Development Account, combat problem gambling in the state, and so much more. Nearly 40 years since its creation, Washington’s Lottery continues to make a difference in Washington State.

Statistics and figures are from the 2022 Washington's Lottery Annual Financial Report. Results may not equal 100% due to rounding.

Where does the money go?



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WOPA Education



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Cost of Sales



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4.51% 1.61% 0.72% 0.05%

General Fund

$45.48 Million


$16.23 Million

Economic Dev.

$7.26 Million

Problem Gambling

$0.50 Million