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The wait's almost over! Debit is coming. Illustration of Debit Reader and Lottery Vending Machine bumping chests.

Same Play,
Different Pay

These days, convenience is the name of the game, which is why we'll soon be accepting debit cards at our vending machines. Simply...

Step 1
Pick your games and add them to the shopping cart

Pick Game

Step 2
Select "Pay with Debit" at checkout

Shopping Cart

Step 3
Insert your card and punch in your zip code

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Step 4
Collect your tickets in the tray

Shopping Cart
Easy Peasy Lottereasy! Illustration of Lottery Vending Machine and Debit Reader characters dancing.

Wanna learn more?


Can you use a debit card issued by any bank?

Yes. However, in the rare occurrence that the sale does not go through properly, a few issuing banks, do not always allow us to refund your card directly. In that case, your refund may be delayed and we may need to mail you a check. For this reason, you might want to use a debit card from another bank, if possible.

Why is Washington’s Lottery accepting debit now?

We recognize the world is evolving into a cashless society. Many players carry little to no cash on a regular basis. Our goal is to make our players’ lives more convenient by providing them the ability to purchase our products with debit cards at lottery vending machines.

Do you accept credit cards?

No. Debit is the only acceptable cashless payment for lottery products.

Can you pay with Tap Pay?

No. Lottery vending machines require that a debit card be swiped or have a card with a chip inserted to make a transaction. Contactless payment is not an option currently.

Do you accept debit everywhere?

We will be installing debit terminals on all our lottery vending machines, but not all will have the service available on the same day. As you may be aware, there are issues with supply chains around the world that could cause a delay in the equipment arrival and installation process. Please check the lottery website for weekly updates on stores that have been updated with the debit reader.

Who pays the debit card transaction fee?

Washington’s Lottery will be paying the transaction fees. No fees will be passed on to players, Washington state residents or taxpayers.

Is there a minimum dollar amount for debit card purchases?


Can you still use cash or winning tickets to purchase?

Yes, you still have the ability to pay with cash or reinvest with your winning tickets to purchase lottery products. The addition of debit cards as a method of payment simply provides an option that was not previously available to players.

Can you split the payment process (Debit and Cash)?

No. You will be required to complete your purchase as either an all cash purchase or an all debit purchase.

What happens if my ticket doesn’t print?

In the rare occurrence when a ticket does not print, you will need to contact Washington’s Lottery, as retailers cannot issue debit card refunds. If a refund is required, the lottery will manage the process and the refund will be credited to your account within 7 to 10 business days.  Please call 1-800-545-7510 if the credit has not been applied to your account within that time period.

Why did you make all purchases go through the Shopping Cart?

Many players enjoy playing multiple lottery games, including Scratch and draw/jackpot games. Using the Shopping Cart gives you the flexibility to add multiple tickets from different games, if you choose, before purchasing. Before you pay, you also will have the ability to edit your cart and delete or add additional products.

Are you required to use a pin number?

In most cases, no. For all transactions you will need to type in the billing zip code associated with the debit card being used to make the purchase. Some banking institutions require both a zip code and pin number be used.

Can you use a pre-paid Visa/Mastercard to purchase?

Possibly. Some cards may work, but it is dependent on the bank issuing the card. If the card does not work after being inserted, an error message will appear on the debit pen pad. What pre-paid cards are accepted is not a choice of the lottery or the retailer, but rather the bank issuing the card.

Is there a spending limit?

Yes. The debit limit for lottery purchases is $700 over a seven-day period of time.