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Three Decades of
Big Winners

Over $6.1 billion in prizes and more than
60 Washington millionaires.

Here are a few of the lucky ones:

Tyrone Curry


Having worked as a custodian with the Highline School District for 30 years, Tyrone considered himself a regular Joe Citizen. Even after he won over $3 million, Curry said he couldn't imagine NOT working. The store where Curry bought his winning ticket previously sold a $10 million Lotto prize.

Roy & Charice Pidcock


On January 15, 2012, Roy Pidcock of Tacoma, WA won $100,000 playing Hit 5. Wanting to spread their good fortune, Roy and his wife decided to put the money toward adopting a child from China. Just four months later, the couple won another $10,000 when Roy bought a winning Match 4 ticket while on a trip. Congrats guys!

Jim & Carolyn McCullar


The largest prize in Washington's Lottery history was claimed by Jim & Carolyn, who regularly play their "lucky numbers." This time around, the grandparents of 23 tried their luck on Mega Millions. Long before winning, the Vietnam vet and his wife paid it forward as regular donors to the local food bank.

Sheena Venzant


Moments before winning, this Federal Way resident asked her sister, "Would you be okay winning $1,000 a week? I would!" The winning ticket proved Sheena was both quasi-psychic and lucky to boot. She plans to keep her job, buy a house and fund her children's college education.

Renee Green


Just days before winning $50,000 playing Scratch, Renee donated her entire $700 tax refund to relief efforts in Haiti. Her generosity was rewarded when she purchased two "5 Star Cash" Scratch tickets from her regular convenience store. One ticket was worth $10. The second was worth $50,000!

Nathan Rowley

WINNING RETAILER: Jacksons Food Store

After reading Rhonda Byrne's 'The Secret', which encourages positive thinking, Nathan put his newly acquired skills to the test. It apparently worked, and the 5th Powerball ticket he ever bought landed him a $200,000 jackpot. "I made a point to have an amazing attitude. I visualized winning all week," said Rowley.