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A Vancouver man is feeling very fortune-ate after a $125,000 Hit 5 win.

The man was enjoying a fortune cookie when he noticed that the cookie contained three fortunes. Two of the messages inside the cookie read, “Buy a ticket. All your financial troubles will soon be solved.” Following his gut, the man purchased a Hit 5 ticket at a local Plaid Pantry (1002 W Fourth Plain Blvd), for the July 19 drawing.

When he checked the ticket later, the man thought he won $125. After a closer look, he was overwhelmed with happiness to discover that he had actually won $125,000.

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$190,000 Hit 5 winner celebrates HIS WAY TO An EARLY RETIREMENT

After a recent $190,000 Hit 5 win, Michael Robinson of Everett is looking forward to an early retirement celebration. Robinson purchased his winning ticket for the July 2 drawing from an Everett-area Safeway (11031 19th Ave SE).

Robinson told lottery officials that he had bought a ticket for an earlier Hit 5 drawing and won $1. He decided to use that money to play Hit 5 again, and purchased what would become his lucky, winning ticket.  

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