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Yeah, We Should Hope So!

Poulsbo Man Wins $250K with Mega Millions Dreams of fishing lures, Italian villas, and college funds.

Brian Kirkwood of Poulsbo is probably ogling over his new boat right now. On Friday he collected $250,000 won playing Mega Millions. He has several plans for the money but is most excited about one in particular, “We’re gonna be fishing in style this year,” he said when describing the boat shopping he’d be doing soon.

Brian said he and some of his buddies were going to go look at some new fishing boats as soon as he left the Lottery office, check in hand. Brian also plans to use some of his winnings to help pay for his three kids’ college education. He has a son at Massachusetts Maritime Academy, a daughter studying cellular molecular biology at Western Washington University, and another daughter who is a senior in high school.

Brian won with a Mega Millions ticket that he bought at DJ Market & Deli in Poulsbo. He bought the ticket some time ago, but he just started a new job so he didn’t get around to checking it until now. He says when he finally did scan his ticket, the machine said to see the clerk. He thought, “Maybe I’d won $100.” It turned out to be a bit more. “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye!” he laughed.

He says the first person he told about winning was his wife, who didn’t believe him. Then he told his son, who didn’t believe him; and finally his friend Terry, who didn’t believe him. You could say that winning the lottery is unbelievable.

Brian works for the US Navy as a civilian. Next year is his 25th wedding anniversary and to prove to his wife that they really did win, he plans on taking her to Italy.

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