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Boeing Retiree Wins Twice in One Day

Steven Knutson’s lucky day all began with one $3 Scratch ticket. Knutson, of Shoreline, stopped by his local 7-Eleven last week to pick up a few things, and while there he decided to buy a Lottery ticket. He was delighted to discover his $3 was a good investment – his Scratch ticket was worth $3,000! Feeling the luck was on his side, Knutson bought one more Scratch ticket – this time a $5 “Lucky for Life” ticket – and just about fell over when he saw the results. He had won for the second time that day – but this time the prize was worth $1,000 per week for the rest of his life!

Knutson, a 60-year-old Boeing retiree, drove straight home to tell his wife of 36 years, Trudy, the good news.

“He walked in with this look on this face that made me think something was wrong – like he was in a nightmare. But really it was a good dream!” recalled Trudy while she and her husband claimed his prizes at the Everett Washington’s Lottery office.

The Knutsons, who have recently contemplated taking up part-time jobs, won’t have to worry about retirement anymore.

“Things are looking up!” remarked Trudy. “We’re going to put it in the bank for now, and just see what happens,” said Knutson, who added that the couple may do some remodeling to their home.

The “Lucky for Life” Scratch ticket Knutson purchased is Washington’s Lottery Scratch game 635 and features gold bars on the front of the ticket. The $5 ticket offered Knutson the option of $1,000 each week for the rest of his life, or a lump sum payment of $750,000 before taxes. Knutson selected the latter option.

The 7-Eleven where Knutson purchased his winning tickets is located at 16506 5th Ave. NE in Shoreline.

Established in 1982, Washington’s Lottery has generated over $2.5 billion to important state programs, including education construction, stadium debt reduction, economic development and problem gambling prevention and treatment. In FY ’07, Washington’s Lottery contributed $101 million to education in Washington State. Lottery dollars comprise less than 1% of the state’s total education budget for K-12 and higher education. Washington’s Lottery offers consumers several types of games: Mega Millions, Lotto, Raffle, Hit 5, The Daily Game, Daily Keno, and Scratch.