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Three Decades of Imagining Bigger, Together.

We've got a lot of history. So we're celebrating with the biggest payout in the history of Washington's Lottery. An 80% payout means 80% of the proceeds go to you, the players. Yep, that's big. But you deserve it. And the five top prizes? They're a cool fifty grand each.

All top prizes have been claimed so redeem your winning tickets soon. Last day to redeem a winning ticket is February 25, 2013. Thank you for all you do to support Washington's Lottery.


Odds of winning any prize on Game 1095 "30th Anniversary" are 1 in 3.31.

*80% Payout is a calculation of the total value of prizes divided by the possible sales at the time the game is printed. Payout is different than the odds of winning a prize.