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Giving Back to
Our State

More than $3 billion
raised for Washington

An investment in our future

Since its creation in 1982, Washington's Lottery has contributed more than $3 billion to education, stadium construction and state funding. Here's how it breaks down:

$3+ Billion
$904.5 Million - Education
$175 Million - Stadiums
$22.3 Million - Other
$234 Million - WOPA
$1.88 Billion - General Fund

Reflects contributions through June 30, 2012, unaudited for FY 12.
Other—Economic Development Fund, Problem Gambling, and Veterans Innovations Program.


Current Beneficiaries

Washington Opportunity Pathways Account (WOPA)

In 2010 WOPA became our largest beneficiary, supporting programs including the State Need Grant, the State Work Study Program, and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). Although the names are long, the purpose of each program is simple — provide a better educational environment for our children. The ECEAP serves three and four-year-olds from low-income families, or those with development or environmental risk factors that could interfere with future school success. In addition to building early student skills, the program also provides families with access to medical, dental, and social services. To find out more, visit Washington State Department of Early Learning.

Professional Sports Stadiums

Since 1996 the Lottery has provided over $175 million to help fund our professional sports stadiums, including Safeco Field, and the CenturyLink Field and Event Center. Every year, the stadiums welcome millions of people who enjoy Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, and other entertainment events, creating a constant revenue stream for the local economy. Washington’s Lottery paid off its debt to Safeco with a final payment made in 2012.

General Fund

We continue to support the State General Fund, economic development programs, and gambling prevention awareness.

And don’t forget the winners

To learn more about Washington winners, and how they’ve used their winnings to improve their lives, visit http://www.walottery.com/anniversary/players.aspx.