Playing Together Just Got More Fun!

Some things are better with friends, like playing Washington's Lottery. When you play together, you can imagine bigger and have more opportunities to win. And with the Group Play App, it's never been easier. To make sure everyone is having a good time, here are a few tips for you and your team:

  1. When you win you'll want to share the good news with your team. Be sure you have the contact information for each teammate, just in case they miss your shout of joy.
  2. To avoid any confusion, put your group's rules in writing and make sure everyone has a copy. This makes things easier when you win and it's time to determine how to divide the dough. A few things we recommend you think about:
    1. Will each teammate contribute an equal amount of money to each play? Is there a limit on how much a teammate can contribute?
    2. You'll need to designate one team member as the spokesperson for your group. It could be the captain, or someone else on the team.
    3. Do teammates have to play group play, or can they opt out?
  3. Usually the team captain collects money and makes the ticket purchase, but it can be any teammate your team chooses—or whoever wins at rock, paper, scissors. This person should also make and distribute copies of the tickets to all teammates before the drawing.
  4. Collecting winnings as a group is different than in individual play, so review the Lottery's rules with your team and decide how your team will claim winnings.

So, now that you've thought through all of the details, get your team rolling! Head to now to get started!

This application is for entertainment purposes only. Using the application does not improve the chances that you or your team will win any Washington's Lottery game.